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2021 Donation Recap

We had another fulfilling year at bulldog&bourbon. In total, we donated $8,600 to over 25 charities. Majority were focused on animal welfare, but we donated to a few organizations that were on the ground helping in Haiti after the earthquake hit in August.

This year our favorites made the list of course:

We donated over $1,000 in supplies and toys to Austin Pets Alive and Austin Wildlife Rescue. We heard about both these organizations through the CBS show That Animal Rescue Show. It's such a fun show to watch and highlights the very important work of a handful of organizations.

We also donated around $300 in supplies to three charities with Petco matching our donation in kind:

- K9s for Warriors - the nation's largest provider of service dogs to veterans

- Best Friend Animal Society - striving to make all shelters no kill by 2025

- Feeding Pets of the Homeless - keeping pets and humans together

Mercy For Animals is a worthy organization for many reasons, but we really like that they offer a program to help farmers transition away from farming animals to plant focused farming. It's very cool so check it out!

Thank you to all our customers! Without you, we wouldn't be able to make these donations to deserving charities impacting animals lives everyday.

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