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2020 Donations Recap

2020 was ruff for many reasons. We at bulldog & bourbon were not immune to the global economy shutting down and the necessity of precautions against covid. But we realized that our partners were also suffering the financial fallout--so we decided to stay the course and donate 100% of net proceeds from our sales--plus more when we could.

We're happy to announce that in 2020, we donated a total of $8,197 to animal advocacy organizations. Here are some of those organizations doing amazing work on behalf of animals big and small:

It feels like such a long time ago but in January 2020, Australia experienced a devastating wildfire that destroyed homes and displaced or killed an estimated 3 billion animals. We watched the footage in horror and sadness. We identified a number of organizations on the ground helping animals and firefighters and donated more than $4000--including WIRES and Rural Fire Brigade Queensland.

We also continued our partnership and recurring donations to Berkeley Humane, African Parks, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and Born Free.

The Good Food Institute does wonderful work in the research and development of alternative protein that could alleviate the harsh environmental impact of our current food system.

We are committed to donating to these and other organizations so they can continue their work on protecting animals and making this earth a more habitable place.

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